Human Trafficking Compliance

Can you afford the damage to your reputation and your bottom line from not complying with Anti-Human Trafficking regulations?

Comprehensive Human Trafficking Compliance Across Multiple Regulations

To optimize your Human Trafficking compliance, our program is based on a comprehensive template that gives you key risk insights and ensures compliance with the top 3 global human trafficking regulations.

Just failing to report for California SB657 can lead to monetary penalties and severe NGO backlash. The California Attorney General possesses the jurisdictional authority to take actions against the violators of this law.


Simplified Template For All Regulations

Our in-house regulation team has developed a human trafficking reporting template that allows you to gather risk-based KPI’s and satisfies reporting requirements for the UK Modern Day Slavery Act, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657) and FAR 52.222.


Multiple Tier Supplier Engagement

Sub-tier supplier engagement is critical to identify and mitigate the risk of human trafficking in your supply chain. The Source Intelligence human trafficking program allows your suppliers to engage with their supplier to get you deeper data. In addition, our program is designed to follow the OECD due diligence guidelines on responsible sourcing.


Supplier Whistleblower Hotline

In addition to educational resources, we offer all clients a whistleblower hotline that empowers suppliers to anonymously notify our supplier engagement team of human trafficking behavior. This information is then directly reported to you in real time. Learn more about the whistleblower hotline program here.

Risk-based human trafficking mitigation

We’ve taken proven best practices for risk identification and enhanced them with technology. Human trafficking risk dashboards allow you to take a deeper dive into your supplier data to prioritize costly oversite measures like boots on the ground audits.

Learn about specific regulations

Below, you will find some assets to help you understand the various regulations and the proper steps that need to be taken in order to comply with the UK Modern Day Slavery Act and California Transparency In Supply Chains Act (SB 657). If you’re looking for a general overview of human trafficking and the associated regulations, click here.

United Kingdom Modern Day Slavery Act
(UKMDSA) Regulation Guide

California Transparency In Supply Chains Act
(SB 657) Regulation Guide



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