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Reporting Year 2016

The 2017 SEC filings marked the fourth year of conflict minerals reporting. In this report, we analyze the SEC filings of conflict minerals reporting for RY2016, across a range of key metrics and provide key observations on trending data and the future of Dodd-Frank 1502 reporting.

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Key Observations


Conflict Minerals Reports' Characteristics


Conflict Free Filers


Supplier Response Rates

Independent Private Sector Audits

Transparency in conflict minerals reporting continues to grow

The 2017 SEC filings mark the fourth year of conflict minerals reporting. Filings related to conflict minerals reporting year (RY) 2016 were due to May 31st, 2017. Our data intelligence team analyzed the SEC filings, as of August 11, 2017, across a range of metrics to provide key observations and trending data on the state of conflict minerals compliance.

Companies are still reporting more information

Maximum CMR Page Length RY2016

Suppliers are more engaged


Average supplier response rates

“What’s invigorating is the commitment we are seeing both within and outside our network of global customers to “do the right thing” whether or not there is a regulatory driver.”

Jennifer Kraus, Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, EVP Operations

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