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[Infographic] What is SCIP?

Discover everything you need to know about the European Chemical Agency's (ECHA) newest regulation: the SCIP database. This infographic details the purpose of SCIP, the difference between articles and complex objects, who is in scope, how to gather information, the...

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The Dark Secret Behind Mica Mining

  Mica is a highly sought after mineral due to its resilience properties and is present in more and more everyday products. We find it in nearly all eyeshadows and glow-enhancing cosmetics, even more so now that more consumers seek natural ingredients. The trend...

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EU Conflict Minerals vs. US Conflict Minerals – A Comparison

In January 2021, the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation will become law across all 27 member states. Now is a good opportunity to discuss the extent to which US Conflict Minerals law has positively impacted 3TG sourcing and traceability strategies and compare the merits...

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The ECHA Opens up the SCIP Database to the Public

  If your company is doing business in one or more of the 27 member countries, you are already familiar with the European Union motto: EU, We Protect. Europe’s parliament publishes many directives that aim to protect its citizens’ safety and health, and the...

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Tips and Insights

Regulation Overview: European Union Timber Regulation

Illegal logging is a key driver of deforestation. The Global Forest Atlas estimates that over 20 million hectares of forest were illegally converted between 2000 and 2012. In many developing countries, the process of issuing licenses for land clearing is compromised...

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Crawling the web for supply chain data

Author: Jennifer Kraus Co-Founder, EVP of Operations Supplier Data Aggregation  October brings harvest festivals, spiced lattes and a seasonal favorite here at Source - Halloween! Halloween, of course, makes me think of spiders, which makes me...

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To be or not to be conflict free

Key differences between the EU CM Regulation and the US Dodd-Frank CM requirements Most of you probably know the European Union (EU) agreed on legislation to regulate the usage of 3TG in their member states. The regulation becomes...

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Nordstrom is Playing a Huge Role in the Human Rights Movement

Nordstrom has just announced that by 2023, 70% of their Nordstrom Made products will be created in factories that support Women’s empowerment. More than 40 Nordstrom Made brands have committed to bettering their quality, style, value and most importantly, lend a hand...

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EU REACH: What Cosmetics Companies Need to Know

The European Union has one of the most protective policies against many chemicals commonly found in cosmetics. Even though these restrictions are part of European legislation, they do still apply to U.S. cosmetics manufacturers in many cases. There are major...

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7 Tips For Staying Safe During a Wildfire

Here in California, we have experienced some devastating wildfires, even our co-workers at Source Intelligence have been personally affected by these deadly fires. Here are 7 tips and tricks for staying safe during a wildfire: 1. Cleaning Make...

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